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Magic of Metal—Wall Art & Why it Matters

I walked into the room and immediately there was something about it that appeared finished, refined, elegant and sophisticated.  The furniture was well placed, the flooring was beautiful but that didn’t make it a home.  Instead it was the simply stated artwork that reflected the personality of the space and the people.  It brought the room together creating something personal and inviting me to know my friends deeper, creating a welcoming and intimate space.

The impact of Wall Art, how to create and find the perfect piece of art?

1.  Have an understanding of your sense of style.

Do you like the elements of times passed combined with today’s contemporary or traditional florals, stripes and other patterns?  Maybe you prefer minimalistic and neutral colors and patterns.

No matter your style you can reflect this through artwork and create unique designs that enhance and highlight your tastes.

2.  Find the focal point in the room.

This will become your wall canvas, whether the artwork is to enhance a current piece of art or will become the focal point you want to understand where it should belong on your walls.

A long wall may hold many elements that may support and highlight a valued piece of art.  Don’t think you have to do new all the way through.  Look at the items already in your house.  You may find a pattern or collection that can be repeated or highlighted simply by rearranging the items and bringing in one new piece to freshen the look.

3. Ask questions.

Find someone with experience.  This can be a trusted friend whose design style you respect or a professional.  Each one can give insight into what might work or not work when bringing old and new together.

Whatever the style or desired look it can be achieved.  Metal is a very versatile medium, from rustic to contemporary, providing a lasting canvas for your artwork.

If you’d like help on indoor or outdoor elements and design we can help.

Visit us and PM us on Facebook or visit our website at  We’d love to visit with you to help design your perfect, inspired metal artwork.


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